Tiny Home - 21 sqm / 230 sqft Home for Millennial

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By Zerina Zinger | April 2, 2022

Since I was a little girl, my favourite fairy tale was the Hansel and Gretel.

Every single time I was told the story by my dear grandma, I tried to imagine it differently than before. If you forgot the story, you have a link bellow to remind yourself.

This is the tiny house in the forest from the story

After living in Florida, Netherlands, Qatar and successfully having more than 500+ clients over a span of 6 years, I have many valuable information to share with you now when you decided to build your dream house. After researching Pratt Modular Homes, I got inspired to create a millenial version which is a tiny dream home. (Most of us are still struggling with money and can not afford an ass-expensive house 🙄!)


Lock down and pandemic

I am born and raised in a house and I just loved the idea of having a garden; fenced area where my dogs and cats can play and where I can chill. I bet you have the same scenery when thinking of your dream home - peace and tranquillity.

When pandemic started back in 2020, it did not affect me as much as it affected my very close friends who are living in the apartments and big cities. I was working from home since 2016 and that was not a big deal as it was for the others.

My life was pretty much the same minus going to cafes and eating at the restaurants.

After walking in the abandoned villages around my hometown and looking at old traditional homes made of wood and mud - and idea came to my mind! 💡

Bosnian traditional house, 150 years old. Made of wood and mud. Bitch still standing...


What if I...

As creative individual, I kept wondering how these people survived extremely harsh winters where temperatures go - 30° Celsius ( -22° Fahrenheit) and summers 45° + Celsius ( 113° Fahrenheit) and had more than 5 children?

The square space is waaay smaller than what we are used to have today but they functioned perfectly. Maybe they were just better organised than us, a better designers.

Then I asked myself - what if I create a today's design for tiny home and put no restriction on material used to construct it?

Just give the basic details what should be where and let the owner decide whether they want to build it with conventional materials or with green materials?

I can definitely do it because I will make myself a tiny dream home too! 😄

(That is what I can afford right now LOL).

My 1 of 5 ideas:

My floor plan of 3,8 x 5,6 m ( 12,5 x 18,4 feet ) + terrace 1,8 x 5,6 m (5,9 x 18,4 feet)

My tiny dream home contains:

  • free standing refrigerator with freezer

  • small kitchen with stove and oven

  • a dishwasher (smaller one)

  • convertible sofa (seating for 3 and sleeping for 2 people)

  • small dining table and chairs

  • a coffee table on wheels

  • work desk with chair

  • Murphy bed for 2

  • shower and full toilet

  • a closet

  • air conditioner

  • a terrace

And all of that in 21 sqm ( 230 sqft ). 🤯🤯🤯

Pretty impressive right?

You can see some of my visualisations here and watch full animation video on my YouTube channel dedicated only to design solutions.

Design should not be available to those who are well-off. 😎

Interior renderings of my tiny house

For the end

As I said, this is 1 of 5 ideas I have. I will post 2 ideas monthly and I hope I get you inspired by the beginning of summer. Well being is being in the nature. 🍀

Until my next post, be well my friend!

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